First committee meeting

Post date: 2010/4/14 上午 04:51:43

The first committee meeting will be hold at 天母隨意鳥地方餐廳 by Dr. Tzu-Chen Yen.

We thanks for the fast reply from the paticipants to the 1st Taiwan ADNI committee meeting request. According the response, we are planning to have our first meeting on this Saturday (4/17) noon The second meeting is expected to be hold by the end of May.

Here is the agenda for the 1st committee conference (4/17).

12:30~1:30pm lunch

1:30~3:00pm discussion

  1. Aims for Taiwan ADNI (by Dr. Yen.)
  2. Confirm steering committee members and structure for Taiwan ADNI
  3. Current status of ADNI II in US by Dr. Kung (田美萍)
  4. Comments from the committee members.