Neurological tests for TW-ADNI

Post date: 2010/10/17 上午 07:18:36


原則上將儘量按照ADNI II計畫中的項目,將病患分成 elder healthy control, early MCI, late MCI, and AD subjects.


  1. Prof. Wang (VGH-Taipei) and Prof. Huang (CGMH) will complete all the clinical work. Prof. Liu (Kaoshiung Medical University) will prove it right before the end of this Oct.
  2. In Nov. 19, Prof Yen will host a dinner party at the Formosa Regency Hotel Club. There will be a group of five hospitals being invited. At least three persons from each group (Neurologist, Diagnostic Radiologist, and Nuclear Physician). We shall have a discussion for intra- as well as inter- group. Prof. Liu will also join the discussion.
  3. Hopefully, we shall send IRB at each hospital by the end of Nov.
  4. We will discuss the possibility for F-18-AV-45 supply from Linko Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and Tri-Service General Hospital.